CN-235 Military

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Dirgantara Indonesia’s CN-235 Military aircraft (MIL) exploits its full capabilities. Dirgantara Indonesia’s experience is evident in the production line where improvements in manufacturing and engineering technology are continuously introduced to maintain the highest quality and analytic standards for the CN-235 military aircraft.


* Take-Off Landing
* Able to Operate on Unprepared Airfields
* Easy Loading and Unloading Operations through Ramp Door
* Low Maintenance Cost
* Mission Versatility
* High Visibility Windscreen


* Troop Transport
* Paratroop Dropping
* Maritime Patrol Aircraft
* Anti Submarine Warfare
* Cargo/Logistic Transport
* Medical Evacuation
* Aerial Delivery


Overall Span 25.81 m
Overall Length 21.40 m
Overall Height 8.17 m
Wheel Tack 3.90 m
Wheel Base 6.92 m
Cabin Volume 41.88 m3


Take-off Distance 1,037 m
Landing Distance 1,068 m
Max Speed 230 knots
Long Range Speed 213 knots
Service Ceiling (AEO) 7,924 m

Two General Electric CT7-9C Turboprop Engines

Two four-bladed Hamilton Standard HS 14 RF-21 propellers
– Max. Taxi Weight 16,550 kg
– Max. Take-off Weight 16,500 kg
– Max. Landing Weight 16,500 kg
– Max. Zero Fuel Weight 15,400 kg
– Max. Fuel Capacity 4,000 kg

Military Customers

Korean Air Force Military Transport & V I P
TUDM Malaysia Military Transport & V I P
Pakistan Air Force Military Transport & V I P
UAE Air Force Military Transport & V I P
Royal Brunei Air Force Military Transport
Indonesian Air Force Military Transport & MPA
Burkina Faso Military Transport

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