International German Summer School on Hydrology 2017

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Hydrological processes play a significant role in sustainable development. This involves not only local water supply and sanitation but also national and supra-regional management of river catchments, disaster prevention and the global climate change.

The International German Summer School on Hydrology (IGSH) offers a communication platform for hydrological knowledge in the form of summer school courses. A program of activities covering as many aspects of hydrology as possible being prepared for several years ahead. Focus will be placed on practice-relevant topics for an international audience. In addition, workshops presenting the perspectives of hydrological research will be organized. The summer school located at the Ruhr University Bochum. The lecturers nationally and internationally reputed experts.

The program offers one-to- two-week courses with 40 lessons per week, held during the summer (August – September) each year. On the time and material basis the course participants will be awarded three or four credit points (CP) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Thus, recognition of the courses at European universities is possible, which in turn will permit the transfer of academic credits to non-European countries.

All courses will be given in English. Therefore fluency in speaking and writing English is necessary for all participants.

IGSH-2017 Summer School Registration Announcement

The online application for International German Summer School on Hydrology (IGSH-2017) Program on “Groundwater and Energy ” is open.

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