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Perfect Money not capable again with WordPress

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Hello ARIS,

Starting from November 1, 2009 we have put into operation new PM for Business Terms,
according which we pay only to sites that has PR 3 or greater and hosted on second-level
domains (“” is second-level, “” – 3rd level).
Your site does not conform to this terms that’s why payments for it was

Please note, that if you linked us with special referral link you will continue getting payments
according our standard referral program. Terms of referral program can be found here:

Opportunity offers to inform about another feature that we implemented, which can be useful for web-masters, especially bloggers.
From now you have possibility to place special button on your website/blog and start accepting payments or donations in Perfect Money e-currency immediately.
To create payment button point your browser to this URL:

With hope for further cooperation,
Perfect Money Finance Corp.

Jadi Intinya, Pasang banner perfectmoney di wordpress udah ga capable lagi….klo perfect money affiliasi dan for bisnis masih bisa

moga2 berguna

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