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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

SNI BAJA : SNI03-1729-2000Baja

SNI Baja 2002

SNI Beton : SNI03-2847-2002Beton

SNI Gempa : Gempa




Perencanaan Trial Gempa

SNI Kayu : SNI03-xxxx-2000Kayu

SNI Jalan : Jalan

PP tentang Jalan : PP No.34 Th.2006

SI-2221 Mekanika Tanah

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Kode Kuliah : SI2221
Nama Kuliah (IND) : Mekanika Tanah I
Nama Kuliah (ENG) : Soil Mechanics I
SKS : 3
Silabus (IND) : Kuliah ini akan meliputi pengertian dasar tanah, komposisi dan klasifikasinya; aliran air dalam tanah; konsep tegangan efektif, tegangan-tegangan dalam tanah, tahanan geser tanah, tekanan tanah lateral, tes lapangan dan laboratorium.
Silabus (ENG) : This course will include basic principles of soil, soil composition and classification; flow water in soil; effective stress concept, stresses in a soil mass; soil shear strength; Mohr-Couloumb failure criteria; soil laboratory test and field investigation.

Laporan Praktikum Mekanika Tanah 2008/2009 : KLIK INI

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