Best Qoute and Memorables of The Terminal

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Frank Dixon : Sometimes you land a small fish. You unhook him very carefully. You place him back in the water. You set him free so that somebody else can have the pleasure of catching him.

Frank Dixon: You could have any man you wanted… why Viktor Navorski?
Amelia: That’s something a man like you could *never* hope to understand.

Airport Construction Worker: [watching Viktor build something on a wall they’re supposed to be fixing] What’s he doing?
Karl Iverson: I can’t ask him what he’s doing. I’m supposed to tell him what he’s doing. I ask him what he’s doing and I’m gonna look like an idiot.

Amelia: I’ve been waiting my whole life, I just don’t know what the hell for.

Amelia: You told me you were delayed, you never said it was for nine months!

Frank Dixon: Okay, so let’s say this bag of potato chips is Krakozhia and this apple is the Liberty Rebels. Okay?
[smashes the bag with the apple spraying chips all over Viktor]
Frank Dixon: No more Krakozhia!

Cab Driver Goran: Where you from?
Viktor Navorski: Krakozhia. Victor Navorski
Cab Driver Goran: I’m Goran. Albania.
Viktor Navorski: Oh. When do you come to New York?
Cab Driver Goran: Oof!
[implicating it was a long time ago]

Cab Driver Goran: Thursday.

Beberapa qoute yang menurut saya very interesting untuk diingat and 4th june 1776. Happy independent days America!!! get a freedom in new york.


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